Fauquier County Middle School Sports is a branch of Warrenton Youth Sports Club. Keep competitive sports in Fauquier County Middle Schools.
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Middle School Volleyball Rules & Regulations
Middle school volleyball rules and regulations follow the standards set by VHSL.  The VHSL follows the rules and regulations according to USA volleyball.
Listed below is a summary of the rules and regulations.  You may find all the rules and regulations on sites like http://www.volleyballreftraining.com/rules_interpretations.php.
  1. Rosters- All team members, including managers, are listed on the roster. Players not listed on the roster cannot play.
  2. Roster Changes- After roster is submitted, no player changes allowed.
  3. Captain designation- One team member (not libero) must be designated on the roster as team captain, and is captain whenever she is on the court.  If the captain is not on the starting lineup, another player must be designated to serve as the captain anytime the captain is not on the court.
  4. Non-disruptive coaching-ball in play-
  •  During play, the coach may stand or walk with free zone in front of the team bench and at least 1.75 meters from court without disrupting the match.
  • One assistant coach may stand to instruct players on the court.
  1. Designated coaches- The coach must be designated. Only the coach may request interruptions. Assistant coaches may not intervene in the match.
  2. Number of Players- Must have at least 6 players to start match; must have at least 6 eligible players to continue play.
  3. Assessing individual sanctions-
  • Warning- No card shown-verbal or hand communication only (not recorded on score sheet)
  • Penalty – Yellow card held in one hand
  • Expulsion – Red card held in one hand
  1. Uniforms- All players except the Libero must be dressed similarly. 
  2. Uniform sleeve length – Short sleeve and long sleeve jerseys are considered  identical
  3. Uniform number placement – Numbers must be centered on the front and back of the jersey
  4. Player equipment –
  • Splints/braces allowed on hands/arm if padded and no advantage is gained. Casts are NOT allowed.
  1. No jewelry allowed
  2. Definition of a rally- A rally is a sequence of playing actions from the moment of the service hit by the server until the ball is out of play. A completed rally is the sequence of playing actions which results in a point.
  3. Switch courts in deciding set- YES
  4. Change in lineup after submission- by substitution
  5. Length of time outs- 30 second
  6. Maximum team substitutes- Twelve team substitutions per set
  7. Number of liberos allowed- two
  8. Libero - Libero may serve.
  9. Net Contact- Contact with the net is not a fault unless it interferes with play.
  10. Crossing the Center Line- Player can touch opponent’s court with feet providing some part of foot/feet in contact with or directly above center line, and the penetration does not interfere with the opponent’s play. Players may touch the opponent’s court with any body part above the feet provided penetration does not interfere with opponent’s play.
  11. Match Length- Matches will be best 2 out of 3 sets.